Jammed bookings for your website

Embed a booking control for your website

How to install Jammed bookings

Our booking form can be installed on any website

Install on any website

  1. Add this script into the HTML <head>.
                  <script type="text/javascript" src="https://mini.jammedapp.com/jammed-bookings.min.js"></script>
  2. On the same page, edit the HTML markup where you want the form to appear.
                  <jammed-bookings account="abbey-road" />
    The account parameter is your Jammed account name

See the demo below

Using live data from our demo.jammed.app account

Configuration options

Introduction text and container options

Introduction text

              intro-text="Please pick a day"
  • The default is: 'Pick a date to get started...'
  • You can change this to anything you want

Wrapper classes

  • The default is a simple box shadow and white background
  • Setting this to 'none' removes both, so you can use a different style or background colour